I use Philosophy to help young adults make better life choices

As our lives become confined to our homes and even within them, to screens of various sizes, the balcony is a space that offers respite. That's where you might stand and have a real conversation with a flatmate, or gaze at stars with a loved one. Those are the vibes I'd like to bring to this space, and that's why it's called The Balcony.

I'd love for The Balcony to be a space for great conversations. I write about topics that can help our readers understand the world and/or live better in it.

About me

Hi! my name is Nishant Kauntia, and I'm a writer and journalist based in Delhi. I've worked in the media industry for the past three years, first as a journalist and then on subscriptions and growth. I've always dreamt of starting something in the media space, and this right here is me taking the plunge. 🤞

Wanna collaborate?

Running a media outlet in 2022 is tough, and doing so single-handedly even more so. If you're someone who'd like to lend a hand, whether to write, spread the word or just hang around, I'd love to hear from you.

Things readers say

"Nishant's newsletter came at the right time for me and helped me answer a question that had been plaguing me for a long time."
"Just read this (piece on intellectualizing emotions) and I must say it has been a bright light bulb kinda moment for me!"