Are you tired of the endless here and now?

Are you tired of the endless here and now?

The internet's recency bias makes our reading experiences much worse than they could be. There's writing out there with the power to drastically change how we think, and it's getting buried deep into algorithmic feeds that prefer new content.

Imagine if you could only listen to music created yesterday. Wouldn't that be horrible? That's what happens to good writing on the internet.

The Balcony Recommends is designed to solve this problem

On the recommends newsletter, you get one great piece of writing from the past 100 years. That could be:

  • an old profile of Bob Dylan by the New Yorker
  • a book chapter on the nature of evil by Hannah Arendt
  • a story on the wild party culture in Berlin
  • an essay on smoking in the now-defunct Illustrated Weekly of India

You can browse past issues of the newsletter here:

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Who's curating this newsletter?

That would be me, Nishant, the doer of things here at The Balcony. Here are 3 quick facts about me:

  • I studied Philosophy in college.
  • I've been an avid reader of publications and magazines, old and new.
  • I've stored and organised all the great writing I've read over the years

I'd love to share it all with you through this newsletter. You won't regret signing up (and if you do, you can always unsubscribe. It's not really a high-stakes decision 🤷)